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If you enjoy the spices and Moroccan flavors, you have curiosity about new challenges and ideas in cooking, but you are also delighted with the chill Nordic simplicity in homemaking, and natural living, well sister, you have arrived in the right place. 

Welcome to Blue Tea Tile where I share with you intriguing and yummy Moroccan recipes and ways to thrive with a simple Nordic lifestyle. You can be sure that when I am being too strict, straightforward, and overorganized a Nordic girl, my husband gives me a bit of a Moroccan easygoing, life-hugging perspective to take it easier. With that balance, the Blue Tea Tile blog is built on.

Blogger of the Blue Tea Tile, Sonja, with a straw hat smiling and holding the hat with her hand.
The blogger, Sonja, enjoying the scent of the lilac flowers in the tree.

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Join me in everyday life to discover the delicious and healthy recipes to fill your meal times. Both Moroccan and Nordic cuisine are present in the recipes.

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Enjoy the beauty of nature and creation. Use what you have more than buy new. Make unique things. The most adorable things are one of a kind.

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Homemaking in a natural way is close to my heart. Follow our Nordic style of natural living to add more natural and economic choices to your life.

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We are living currently in Finland, Northern Europe, with my lovely crazy Moroccan husband and our curious tiny daughter, who loves baking. She is my little sous chef and she has been cooking with me every recipe you can find in the blog. Look for the “Little Helper” header at the end of the recipe, if you have tiny children at your home who you would like to engage in cooking. I share in every recipe the best ways how to involve the tiny chefs in cooking, even when the recipe might be more challenging and you need to concentrate.

Facts About Me

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harsha with honey

How did I end up here?

Throughout my childhood, my mom has emphasized the value of handmade items. Every kid in the family has been there stirring the pot full of onion peels that will dye the woolen yarn circling like spaghetti in the same pot. I can honestly say that the vast majority of rugs, cozy blankets, and linens at our home are made by my mother (thanks Mom ♡). 

For almost fifteen years I have been working in different restaurants, catering services, and cafés. I have started at 5:30 am turning on the ovens in a boutique hotel to make breakfast for the guests still tucked in their beds, stayed after midnight serving customers at a fine dining restaurant, and prepped salmon soup on a tiny yacht while the passengers were on the island for sauna and swimming. 

Those years have been both fun and challenging but also very consuming. Too busy a life doesn’t suit me after all and home and homemaking have become more and more important. I learned from those years some resilience and perfection (to know when it’s needed and when it’s not!), meal prepping and they gave me everlasting curiosity about the real ingredients. 

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