Wooden wine box craft ideas for decoration

Looking for some easy wine box craft ideas? Here you find 10 ways to repurpose a wooden wine box without any carpenter skills. With these steps can easily add charm to your home with the wooden wine crate decor. Scroll down to get more wine box craft ideas for decoration. Check also my tips on where and how to find the wooden wine crates for DIY!

Repurposed wine boxes as vegetable storage, side of the bed and a box filled with liquid soap and towel.

Where to find wooden wine crates?

Wooden wine boxes or crates are where the wine is. So, if you are not living next to a vineyard head to a local restaurant. If your favorite restaurant is serving wines start from there! Otherwise, there are few tricks to find the good ones.

The wines that come in wooden boxes are normally not the cheapest bulk wines. Try to find a restaurant that has a wine list – I mean – a really long wine list. A restaurant that is specialized to wines and has a sommelier, the wine geek who knows all about the wines, will have hundreds of wines in their wine list. Those restaurants might have wine in the name of the restaurant or advertise themselves as wine places.

Look up on the internet the restaurants’ homepage. If you can find their wine list online, most likely that’s not the place you are looking for. The boutique restaurants do not display all of their wines on the internet, for the list is too long and it is changing all the time.

When you visit the restaurant choose a time outside the busy hours of lunch and dinnertime. You’ll maximize your possibilities that the personnel has time for you. If you are lucky they have them right away and get them for you from the wine cellar. Often they have too many boxes so they are happy to get rid of them. Generally, restaurants do not charge for the wine crates. However, to be polite, you should eat or have some wine at their place to return the favour.

What sizes are the wine crates?

Most commonly the wines are stocked in the boxes of six bottles. The size varies depending on the size of the bottle. Wine crates also with different heights depending if the bottles are stocked upright or lying on the side. Both of the styles have both nailed plank lids and sliding lids. Six-bottle boxes are easy to use in smaller spaces and pile them up to create shelves or other furniture. These are the best to use when you have multiple wine box craft ideas.

A few six-bottle wine boxes are very shallow, for the bottles are lying side by side. But those ones are more rare things to find.

Bigger wine crates are meant for twelve bottles and have nailed plank lids. These are longer boxes and are very spectacular-looking. Use these for larger arrangements or for example storing vegetables.

If you are looking for tiny boxes that are only for one bottle, those are mostly for spirits and liquors. For example, some cognacs, grappas and port wines (fortified wines) have many well-decorated boxes with different kinds of lids. The tiny boxes are awesome for organizing pens or even phone chargers!

10 ways how to repurpose wooden wine boxes

  1. Sidetable or a nightstand
  2. Kitchen display
  3. Farmhouse-style vegetable container
  4. Spa box for bathroom
  5. Radio table with nifty cabinet
  6. Organizing cupboards
  7. Bookshelf for a child
  8. Garden tools storage
  9. Book holder
  10. Toddler wardrobe
A poster of 10 ideas for wine crates with three photos of wood crate usage as garden tool storage, nightstand and vegetable storage.

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Wooden wine box craft ideas for you

Lacking for inspiration? Check these wine box craft ideas on how to easily repurpose the wine boxes. In the end, I have gathered for you a quick step-by-step on how to treat the boxes. With different purposes you need different styles and colours so remember to check that out!

1. Side table or. a nightstand

Depending on the height of your bed you might need two boxes to create a high enough nightstand. Use two different style boxes but with the same dimensions. The one underneath has a sliding door, that makes it easy to hide things for a calmer feeling in the bedroom. The one on the top is an open wine crate that is used as a shelf to put down the book you were reading before sleeping.

Side of the bed with blue sheets. Side table made of two wine boxes. Book and a cream jar on one shelf and water glass on the top shelf.

These wine boxes I have just touched these a bit with olive oil to bring up the natural colours in them. It suits nicely with the light colours of the bedroom and calms down the feeling. If you have children I recommend nailing, screwing or glueing the boxes together to diminish the possible accidents and to make it more sturdy.

2. Kitchen display

With one open wine crate turned on the side you can use it to display your favorite items in the kitchen or why not in the living room as well! Put together a group of items that match with colours, textures or purpose to make it more pleasant for the eyes.

Wine box on the side where are displayed Moroccan style tea pot and glasses upside down.

I adore the Moroccan tea set we brought home in our backpacks. The set is almost every day filled with sweet and hot Moroccan mint tea. The display is convenient as well as beautiful decoration in our kitchen.

This wooden wine box needed a light touch of sandpaper on the edges to be safer to use. After that, I covered it with a light layer of olive oil to deepen the light color.

3. Farmhouse style vegetable container

Choose a wine crate of 12 bottles to have enough space for your vegetables in your DIY Farmhouse-style vegetable container. Fill the wooden wine box with potatoes still covered with dirt, red and yellow onions, aubergines, spaghetti squash and summer squash. Without a doubt, you’ll have all the kitchen staples easy on hand!

Huge pumpkin on the top of the large wooden wine box filled with vegetables.
Huge pumpkin on the top of the large wooden wine box filled with vegetables.

If the wine crate has a plank lid that is nailed on it, the crate needs a bit of work. First, take off the lid with the other end of the hammer. If you want to use it later try to open it carefully, these lids crack easily when opened carelessly. The lid of this wine crate was already broken. I just took off all the pieces of the lid and nails. Then I sanded the edges and had a little olive oil to coat it nicely.

Potatoes last longer and better in a darker place. Use a lid of a smaller crate to create the shadow in the corner. At one go you got yourself as well an extra shelf, say for a huge winter pumpkin!

4. Spa box for bathroom

Choose a neat and clean-looking wine crate for your DIY spa box for your bathroom. Use glass bottles for a stunning look. The silky ribbon around the bathroom towel gives a dreamy, finished hotel room clean look. Add some handmade cocoa butter lip balm to your spa box for luxury. Fill the glass jars with some bubble bath powder and bath oils, and seal with a cork lid to bring your spa experience to the next level.

A wooden wine box filled with soaps and rolled towel, plants on the side.

Aim for a clean and spotless spa look with a newer wine crate. With that purpose in mind, the wooden surface of the wine box is completely untreated. Undoubtedly it goes well with the neat and tidy appearance we are looking for.

5. Radio table with nifty cabinet

Some of the wooden wine crates do have very nifty sliding lids. For a small cabinet, try to find one with a sliding lid rather than a nailed lid to have a door without any carpenter skills.

A radio on the top of the half open wooden wine box that is filled with CD:s.

Behind your small radio table’s cabinet door, you can hide your collection. The room has instantly a calmer look when you hide the colourful CD cases, but they stay handy underneath the radio to play your favourite music any moment you need. Instead of CDs you can hide their pens and paper for note taking, candles and matches for darker evenings or your needles and yarns with scissors – only the sky is the limit!

Radio on the top of the wooden wine box. Plant on the side.

6. Organizing cupboards

Wine crates are the best option when you want to upgrade your organizing boxes. It might be that I have too many wine crates when you can find them everywhere in our home! The cupboards are no exception. It makes me feel good when I have calm and organized shelves where it is easy to find all the things I need.

Two wooden boxes on the shelf, thinks coming out of them.

In the wooden wine crates it is easy and handy to fold all reusable shopping bags, ironed linens or clean sheets, electronics, all the messy cords and plugs, children’s toys, kitchen tools – you name it!

Choose wine boxes that are the same style, size and height to have the appearance of a controlled system and a finalized look. These wine crates are untreated.

7. Bookshelf for a child

The wine crates with the sliding doors are my dream pieces of furnitures! This small bookshelf is easy for my daughter to handle – its height is perfect. The door handle is so easy and I guarantee the little fingers do not stay between the closing door that well when they are sliding the tiny door!

Turtle lamp on the top of the wooden wine box, slightly open, books inside. Cushion roll and mattress on the side.
Turtle lamp on the top of the wooden wine box, slightly open, books inside. Huge stuffed animal shape of octopus on the top of the cushion roll and mattress.

Some of the wine crate lids are very snug and difficult to slide. Choose one that slides easily or use beeswax, soap, or a candle to make that sticky drawer slide easier.

This box I have varnished with mid-dark varnish to match better with the wooden floor. If you want to raise the shelf up from the floor, add small wooden legs.

8. Charming garden tools storage

The charming wooden box and gardening are meant to be. Natural materials add vintage appeal to your garden whether it is on a balcony or in a greenhouse.

Garden tools arranged in a old wooden wine box.

Use the wine box that has dents and is weathered already – for it will continue on that road with all the seedlings and dirt in the garden. You can fit in the pots, your trowel and secateurs, planting markers and what else!

9. Book holder

Bookshelf, with box of books and a plant on the top.

Book holders are an easy way to organize and maintain the chaos of books and magazines that you are reading at the moment. Don’t know about you, but I am reading normally five different books at the same time depending on the mood, day and moment on hand. We do have as well many public library books, that I wish not to mix with our home library to return them at the right time. In this case, the book holder is a dream! It is a small controlled spot for those books that are wandering around the apartment.

This wine crate that I have used has nice and sturdy handles that bring a different nuance. The surface has been treated with a black tea and vinegar mixture. This trick is based on the acidity and the oxidation which cannot be totally controlled – so beware – the result might be darker than you expected. On this occasion, it matched perfectly with the dark-colored wooden shelf we already had!

10. Toddler wardrobe

A tiny wardrobe is easy to implement inside your own wardrobe, next to the shoe rack. My daughter finds easily her mittens and beanie from her toddler wardrobe. Underneath it is convenient to place her canvas bag and back bag. While on the top lie the sunglasses. A tiny wardrobe helps her dress and pack independently.

Shoes on the rack with wooden box shelves filled with small children clothes.

Choose two or multiple wine crates that are the same size and height. Overlay the boxes, nail, screw or glue them together to make the furniture sturdy. Pick up some small cute boxes in the favourite colours of your toddler and make the wardrobe easy to use. You can draw or print out images of gloves and scarves to make it more fun and easy.

These wine crates that I have used are treated with black tea and vinegar to obtain the darker shades. If you want to know how check the steps below to find the link for the instructions.

Step by step how to treat the wine crate for DIY

  • Take off the wine bottle rack inside the box to make some space.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth the edges. The wine boxes are usually less manipulated so beware of the sticks of wood that might come off. Use gloves if needed!
  • Choose the purpose of your wine crate and the color you are aiming for.
  • For a light colour look use olive oil.
  • To darken the wood naturally use black tea and vinegar.
Corner of a wine box with a self adhesive furniture pad.
  • If you use the wine crate directly on the table or the floor you might want to add some self-adhesive furniture pads to prevent scratching.
Side of a wine box with a worn out paper label on it. Small pumpkin in the box.
  • If your wine crate has a paper label decide if you want to remove it or leave it. Removing has two downsides. Firstly the label might not come off nicely. Secondly, if it does come off, the glue might affect how absorbent the wood is underneath the label. That might cause an unpleasant square colour stain in your lovely wine crate. If you leave the label use strong coffee or black tea to obtain a more vintage look. Infuse black tea or brew the coffee. Let it cool and apply gently tapping with a linen rag on the paper. Do not rub for the paper label tears up easily when it is moist.

Do you have more wine box craft ideas?

Have you tried these yet or something else? Let me know in the comments, and send me a photo!

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A wine crate night stand on the side of a wooden bed covered with blue.

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  1. These type of wooden wine boxes that you can use for crafts and decoration are so cool! You came up with so many unique ideas. I love the idea of using two as a nightstand! Thanks for all the tips.

    1. I am glad you liked and shared your thoughts, Julie! These are ways that we are daily using the wine boxes. I’m atm creating a new tutorial post for a next project so stay tuned!

  2. I absolutely love these wooden wine box craft ideas, especially the ones for organizing cupboards and creating unique kitchen displays! These ideas add a touch of rustic charm to the space and offer practical solutions for clutter. I can’t wait to try these out in my own home. Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  3. I love DIY projects that ‘up-cycle’ products – and these ideas for wooden wine boxes are so clever. Will have to check with a few local restaurants and ask they set some aside for me (especially like the idea of using it to store veggies).

  4. I love these ideas—they’re so cute! I would use wooden wine crates to store veggies or garden tools. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  6. I love how a simple touch of olive oil can transform wine boxes into charming, natural decor, blending seamlessly with a room’s vibe while offering a practical, sturdy solution for families. And the idea of repurposing a crate as a display in the kitchen or living room is genius—creative, customizable, and a perfect way to showcase favorite items with style.

    1. Thank you for sharing Ann! There are so many things already in this world that repurposing everyday objects is more important than ever.

  7. These are such fun ideas to repurpose a wine box. There are so many great craft ideas for decorating. The DIY vegetable container is adorable!

  8. You inspired me with ideas on how to repurpose my crates even more. I love using as a gift boxes with recycled shredded paper.

  9. I love these wine crate recycle options! I’ve never been very crafty, but these are super easy and look fantastic repurposed in the ways that you’ve mentioned.

    1. Thanks for sharing Sheila! There are so many good looking but too complicated options that need plenty of tools that people just don’t have. For that reason I wanted to offer to my readers an easy and no fuss way to repurpose those lovely wine boxes.